Golden retriever kiskutyák

We have been dealing with hunting dogs and their training for more than 10 years.
During our work with them we have gained lots of experiences at training dogs of different type, temperamend and will.

Everybody would like to have a well-behaved dog that can be taken anywhere without any problems.
It is very important for a hunting dog to be capable for hunting. This needs lots of work and practice.


There are several training methods:
- training and pension together
- individual or group training (the dog with its owner)
- in our camps (in small groups)

You may choose any of these methods, the most important is to begin as soon as possible to as it is much more difficult to improve bad habits and mistakes.

We have already trained many dogs, lots of golden and labrador retrievers, spaniel and pointing dogs and also bloodhounds and beagle who have worked to the satisifaction of their owners ever since.