Golden retriever kiskutyák

The golden retriever as hunting-dog


The retrievers are hunting, exactly to say, retrieving dogs. The word retriever also refers to this, that means retrieving, apporting.

The following breeds belong to this group: golden retriever, labrador retriever, flat coated retriever, curly coated retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever and Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.


In our country the best known are the golden and labrador retrievers, more and more liked by hunters.

The retrievers were breed for the work after shooting but they are also very good at working in the thicket and reed and searching "under the gun" as well.

Their task is to search for and apport the shot wild from the field and water too. There are a lot of advantages that make the retrievers a very popular breed and ideal mate nowadays: love for water and retrieving,

excellent nervsystem, daring behaviour, calm nature, outstanding intelligence, excellent nose, soft cheek, outstanding marking-ability, easy-handling, lack of agressiveness, steady against bad weather. excellent


Besides the so many excellent hunting breeds we would like to emphasize the water work of the retrievers, where they cannot be beaten.

Water is liked most by the retrievers as they were bred for this water-work.

Their special coat makes them possible to work in winter's duck-huntings too.