Golden retriever kiskutyák

The aim of our camps is to help the owners,
-    Have obedient dog
-    Prepare their dogs for shooting- and working tests
-    With training working dogs (hunting, competition)
-    repare their dogs for hunting exam

Lots of the participants in our camps regularly come always to have a new aim wanting to reach. It is a big joy for us to be able to help them fulfil their plans.

Camping with our dogs together does not only mean training but entertaining and being on holiday with our dog, getting to know other people, making friends, having chats, taking part sin common programmes and having parties in the evenings.

Also families can enter for our camps as it is  a suitable place for everybody at every age to relax and have some rest. (swimming pool, riding, tennis, etc. )

We expect applications especially from retriever-, poining dog- and spainel owners. Groups will be made in accordance with the dogs’ training level and age. 

What we can offer:
Accomodation (with bath), delicious meals, excellent programmes and trainings, superb mood and company, being bored is impossible.